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Please answer the following questions regarding your solar lighting request

Your Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Where is the solar lighting project located (zip code). This will allow us to determine appropriate sun hours
What style of fixture are you looking to use? (i.e. cobra head, shoebox, contemporary, traditional decorative...) Do you want fluorescent lamps or high performance LED?
What is the lighting objective -- are there light foot-candle level requirements that need to be met?
How large of an area do you want to light and at what intensity? Please provide dimensions or a CAD drawing.

What are the hours of operation for the solar lighting?
Do you want light poles included in the quote? If so, what style (i.e direct burial or anchor base) and what type (i.e. steel, fiberglass, aluminum)
Do you want the solar system to mount to the pole or on the ground?
Some things to consider when answering the questions above;

Note: the wattage of the fixture determines the overall size and cost of the pole mounted solar power system. Try to minimize the specifications to meet the basic needs of the application.

Note: the duration the fixtures will operate will impact the cost of the solar system. A considerable amount of money can be saved if the light fixture(s) can be turned off/dimmed/motion sensing throughout the course of the night as the means to reduce nightly energy consumption. This will reduce the overall size and cost of solar power system needed to power the fixture(s)

Note: If you have an AutoCAD file of the project, we can provide a detailed lighting plan with the quote as well. If you do not have an AutoCAD file, Google Earth can oftentimes be a valuable tool in helping determine site dimensions (please provide physical address of the project site). A hand drawn sketch can also prove to be very helpful.
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